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I wrote this book for the soul-dry and weary people who need to be reminded that God wants to be with you more than you can ever imagine. I take familiar Biblical accounts and encourage you to use your imagination to think about how God might have felt. I hope this book is a cool drink for your thirsty spirit.

I draw on my 18 years experience as an Upper Elementary Teacher, a Middle School teacher and Director of Spiritual Life to discuss what students really need to learn in school. I discuss the 6 social emotional skills that I feel are vital for children to be successful students and successful adults.

I jumped ahead of myself and wrote Raising Disciples Advent Celebration before I even wrote Raising Disciples. But I hope you will enjoy this unique Advent Celebration just for families. I’ve not only created a way for you to retell the story of Christ’s birth through scripture reading, devotionals, lighting candles and setting up the Nativity scene, but I’ve also included a way for you to retell the important stories of your own family. Children want to know their family’s history and now you can tell them in this special way at this special time of the year. I’ve also included a guide on how to write and pray blessings over your family for a way to encourage, affirm, and bond with your family more than ever before. I pray this guide will be a blessing to you and your family!