Snowed In!


This is a photo of my house this past weekend. Haha! My house is really under all that snow somewhere. We’ve not had this much snow in the years that I’ve lived in Georgia. It was pretty and amazing and now it’s all dirty slush because the temperature shot back up pretty quick.

We were without power for 24 hours which was not too bad considering some of my friends in neighboring areas were without it for 67+ hours! We got along fine with the wood stove and I pulled out my inner pioneer woman and made soup and hoecakes and eggs every way imaginable on the woodstove. The Huz made quesadillas on the woodstove. He thought he was something else! We put select items in the snow on the back deck to keep them cool. It was fun for a minute.

But I have a bad case of screen addiction (and that is how I make my money now as a social media manager) so I was jonesing to get back into cyberspace. So, actually, 24 hours without power was good for me.

Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment, unless you live near me in which case you are sick and tired of looking at snow photos.

For those of you who are used to snow, remember this is a novelty for us down here in the South!





The Relevant Years Went By So Quickly


I was at the bank a couple of weeks ago and my daughter went with me. The teller suggested that I use an electronic signature. I paused to consider if that was really the best way to handle what I was doing when she turned to my daughter, laughed and said, “Haha! She doesn’t know what I’m talking about! She’s like, “Electronic signature? What is that? Haha!”

I was insulted and started to defend myself but she just looked at my daughter and rolled her eyes.

I’m considering changing banks.

Seriously, I’m only in my 50’s. I’m not from the Stone Age.

I guess this is where the ageism begins. Taking jabs for being old and a grandma.

Nobody told me about this.

I’m going to pull up my big girl granny panties and get on with my day!



Time Traveling


I’m still new to this grandparenting gig. I’ve only been at it for a little over a year now.

So, these feelings and experiences, which are probably old hat to you veteran grandparents out there are still fresh to me.

My 2nd grandboy, Manny, sometimes looks just like his dad, my son, so much so that it’s freaky. It’s like I have my little boy back for a few seconds or minutes.

And not only that sort of thing but I find that old feelings I had as a young mother wash over me in a wave.

For example, my son arrived on Thanksgiving Day from a trip to Peru where he hiked the Inca Trail. My son is 30 years old. Not my little boy anymore. But when he got to my house, had eaten a good meal and fell asleep on the sofa, the old feeling of peace and contentment that I had as a young mother after my kids were fed, bathed and asleep washed over me. For a moment, he was that little boy safe, warm and comfortable in my care. Tears in my eyes from a warm heart.

Having these grandkids is making me feel like a time traveler jumping back and forth from being a mom to being a grandmom. So weird sometimes.



Raising Disciples Advent Celebration

I’m so sorry that I’ve been MIA! I’ve been super busy with my new business venture, writing and my kids and grandkids being with me for 2 weeks!

So, now that the house is quiet, I can take a few minutes to share with you that I wrote an Advent Celebration for families that I think is really wonderful if I do say so myself.

I’ve put together scriptures and written devotionals for each Sunday in Advent. I’ve included the setting up of the Nativity scene so that little ones can participate, too. There are 2 things, however, that make this celebration unique. One, is that I’ve added a family history sharing time. I’ve tied in with the retelling of Christ’s birth time for you to share your own family’s history.

And two, I’ve shown you how to write blessings to pray over your family. I cannot express how praying and blessing your family is such an intimate, bonding experience. I believe it will bring your family closer than ever before. And at such a wonderful time of the year – something I believe Jesus would want to happen!

Please share this Advent celebration with others and get one for your own family!

It’s only on Kindle right now, but don’t stress, get a free Kindle app on your computer and/or phone and enjoy!

Here’s the link to Amazon – Raising Disciples Advent Celebration

I hope to be back on here sooner than later!



Those Wall Quotes


You know those really cool, hand-lettered, framed quotes that everyone has these days? They’re telling you to (like the photo above) enjoy the little things, be adventurous, live, laugh, love. Well, I love them! I love words. I love art. So, it’s a beautiful combination.

When the girls were pregnant, I wanted to get all the signs I saw so they could put them up in the nursery. But I held back. But in my heart, there were signs all over their rooms.

Then, my son, who is so funny, said something to the effect of, “I don’t want a bunch of those signs in my son’s room because it’s kinda stressful. He’ll get up every day with all this direction and demands and advice.”

I laughed because when you think about it, it is kind of stressful. They’re good reminders, don’t get me wrong. And I love them. But if you think about it, you are surrounding yourself with constant direction.

You wake up and read, “Be Adventurous!” Then you read, “Run Wild My Child.” Then, “There’s no place like home.”

Do I go or do I stay???

Just a funny thought. I still love the signs, though.

Have a great weekend!



JFK Haunts Me


Just when JFK fades from my memory and I’m not thinking about him, somebody has to pull him back. Now, it’s those hidden files that were supposedly released but then taken back to be released in April. Those files have spawned a flurry of new documentaries and conspiracy theories.

I’m a nervous wreck changing the channels because I never know when I’m going to come across footage of that depressing black limo turning onto the street that led to Dealy Plaza and then the horrifying “crimson burst.”

I was almost one and half years old when JFK was killed. Coming from a family that loves a good conspiracy theory, my home was filled with years of discussion about his assassination. And I can’t help but get sucked into them.

I get the reasons why it was such a tragic event. I get why it impacted America so. I understand how horrible and tragic and sad it was.

I also understand why we can’t leave it alone – because we don’t know.

And it’s for all those reasons why JFK haunts me.

I wish, for goodness sake, we could find out who killed him so he can literally Rest In Peace.

His death is one of those moments that people remember exactly where they were when they got the news. I suppose I was sitting in either my mother or my sister’s lap when I heard the news.

Where were you?



I’m Not The Only One! Death Cleaning


My father-in-law sent me a Washington Post article on “Death Cleaning.” I was so excited to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks it’s important to clear out unwanted things and get your s@#%* in order before you “bite the big one.”

According to Margareta Magnusson I’m about 10 years too early. She suggests starting at 65 years old.

But really, the Swedes embrace the concept of “dostadning” which comes from the Swedish words for death and cleaning. It’s basically what I’ve been talking about: gettting rid of unwanted things so your family doesn’t have to deal with it and getting your affairs in order.

The article quotes Karin Olosfdotter, Swedish Ambassador, who says that her parents are “death cleaning” as well as their friends and she thinks it almost a “biological” thing to do.

It’s funny because I have run across my people in my own age range and most of them are doing it and if not, they want to or are thinking about it. So, I think it could be a biological thing. A lot of people don’t do it because it’s so hard, though.

We should come up with a word for death cleaning here in the US. I think I have. It’s called “getting your s@#* together.”

I’ll have to get Magnusson’s book when it becomes available in the US in January.

I’m glad I’m not alone and this whole throwing out experience wasn’t actually a mental breakdown.

This day after Halloween might be a good time to start “death cleaning.” What do you think?